The B Team (currently in development) is a series centring on football; but it not just about football. It is a series of adventures incorporating comedy, drama and plenty of action. A fiction where we will see surprising moves, futuristic settings, and football from a new perspective.

The main characters will not play full games but undergo spectacular trails testing for the skills needed to become a footballer. And everything will be based on the positive values of sport. This is the main point of the series. Educating boys and girls in the universal concepts that good football has popularised in recent years: playing as a team, honesty, effort, and welcoming and incorporating all different types of people.

An amazing football adventure about respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and modesty.

It is an aspirational series for the youngest section of our audience while enthralling for older viewers. It is perfect for generating merchandising and unites two global brands with almost unlimited potential: Barcelona and football.