The stage show Polònia, el musical was directed by Xavier Ricart and starred Bruno Oro, Queco Novell, Ivan Labanda, Mireia Portas, Xavi Serrano, Agnès Busquets, David Olivares and Anna Bertran, all familiar faces from the Polònia programme on TV3.

The story takes place during the decisive moment when Artur Mas and the pro-referendum politicians try to agree on the political future of Catalonia.  The summit meeting they have in a hotel is fraught with difficulties. Rajoy and Esperanza Aguirre will stop at nothing to foil their plans.

The play was written by the playwright Jordi Galceràn together with scriptwriters from Polònia, Jaume Buixó, Julia Cot, Pau Escribano and Toni Soler.

Polónia, el musical opened in November 2014 at the Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona and ran until May 2015.