Minoria Absoluta produced the documentary film entitled Pere Casaldàliga, les causes i la vida to coincide with the screening of the miniseries Descalzo sobre la tierra roja. The documentary, made during filming of the miniseries in Matto Grosso, takes us through the life, work and thought of bishop Pere Casaldàliga.

The documentary includes; filming during the making of the miniseries; footage from reports on Pere Casaldàliga produced by TV3 Televisió de Catalunya over the 30 years of the channel’s existence (two programmes by 30 minuts in 1985 and 1992, the programme Paral·lel in 1999, Pere Casaldàliga, militant de l’esperança in 2005, and the programme Persones humanes de 1995); as well as unseen footage of the bishop in São Félix d’Araguaia filmed by  Francesc Escribano in 1998 when he went to visit him while researching his book on which the miniseries is based.

All this material leads us to a greater understanding of the thought of bishop Casaldàliga as he talks about his relationship with the Church, decries the passivity of the developed world regarding the exploitation of indigenous people, and discusses his feelings about Catalonia, his choice of lifestyle and struggle against social injustice.