The great physicist Stephen Hawking, famous amongst other things for his theories on time travel, has managed to open a worm hole onto the fourth dimension allowing travel to the past.  Hawking uses the hole to travel through time and bring back various well-known people from the past who he believes can shed light on human history. Minoria Absoluta has got wind of Hawking’s experiment and has signed up some of his historical figures for a stand-up show called The Magical History Club. This unusual cast of stand-ups, who have spent some time amongst us, reflect humouristically on our present. Every night Hitler (Alain Hernández), Freud (Queco Novell), Cleopatra (Mireia Portas), Mary Magdalen (Betsy Túrnez) and Gandhi (Lluís Villanueva) appear in the Coliseum theatre with their routines.  With the special participation of Berto Romero as Stephen Hawking.