Anna Maria Martínez Sagi was, in 1934, the first woman to sit on the board of directors at FC Barcelona. At 27 years old she was the embodiment of an independent and modern woman.  She was a sportswoman, a poet and a journalist.  Her feminist and Republican politics led her to fight many battles and live in exile.

La Sagi, una pionera del Barça (La Sagi, a Female Pioneer at Barça) rescues the memory of this extraordinary woman from oblivion.  Born into a bourgeois family already well connected with Barça from the early days, Anna Maria Martínez Sagi saw her chance during the exceptional time of the Second Republic to challenge convention and fight for independence for all and, by extension, her for herself.

In this documentary the actor Anna Sahun plays the part of Anna Maria Martínez Sagi. On a quest to get into the part, Anna retraces her steps and seeks out people who knew her and scholars of her work in order to find out who she really was.  It is a format combining documentary and fiction to help us approach a pioneering woman in her time.
FC Barcelona revives her memory with the docu-fiction La Sagi, a Female Pioneer at Barça, coproduced by Televisió de Catalunya and Minoria Absoluta.