Marc wanted to be a mathematician but ended up studying telecommunications and starting his own company.  Anna wanted her life to be totally different from her parents’; Carlos, on the other hand, has always wanted to be like his parents.  Dani had it very clear that he wanted an electric guitar. Neus had very particular views on the subject of love and relationships, while Cristina has travelled widely to finally find her place in the world.   Israel was born into a family with very traditional views and had an emotionally complicated adolescence, while Xavier left the town of Tremp as soon as he could to become a professional photographer.  What this group of young people have in common is that they were all born in the last few months of Franco’s dictatorship.  They are part of Generation D, the first generation to have grown up during democracy. They first appeared on television in 1989, when they were between 15 and 17 years old. After that first contact, several TV3 teams have been tracking their progress.  They are part of a unique generation, and it is interesting to find out how they lead their lives and their views on life, and especially how their views change over time.  They have been interviewed every seven years:  first as teenagers, then as twenty-somethings, later in their thirties and now as they are approaching their forties.  Have they changed much? Is their outlook on life very different from what it was when they were adolescents? Do they still know what they want to do when they are grown up? Do they know themselves ?