From footage created for the documentary series España dividida, la Guerra civil en color – broadcast by Dmax – Minoria Absoluta has produced a feature film titled España en dos trincheras, la Guerra civil en color, which will be screened at various cinemas in Spain from 28 October.  Before its release there will be a preview at the Doré cinema in Madrid on 25 October and another at the Verdi cinema in Barcelona on Wednesday 26 October.

España en dos trincheras, la Guerra Civil en color is a feature-length documentary in which, for the first time in Spain, original archive material from the Spanish Civil War has been digitalised to 4K and coloured to create a unique work that shows the Civil War as never before: in colour.

A team of over 50 people worked for a year and a half under the direction of Francesc Escribano and Luis Carrizo to produce an audiovisual work that narrates in an objective way one of the darkest periods of contemporary Spanish history.

The film was made possible by a laborious process of selection, digitalisation and colourising of the more than 450 films surviving from the Spanish Civil War.