Minoria Absoluta kicks off its latest project; the website EN MINORIA (, a new channel of communication. A space for generating internet-specific content.  The way in which people access audiovisual products is changing; the consumption of videos via social media has become the norm when searching for entertainment.

Minoria Absoluta is backing audiovisual production designed, written and produced to be viewed solely and exclusively on social media.

EN MINORIA is a platform for new creatives to showcase their projects, everything and anything to do with the world of entertainment.

We believe in the Internet. Because the Internet is TV, cinema and theatre.  Because there’s room for everything and everyone. Because everyone can see us and everyone can come up with something new.

We believe in bat-shit crazy. Because normality is boring.  Because great ideas from little absurdities grow.  Because we want to see what you are capable of.

We believe in people.  Because we are a community of enthusiastic creatives.  Because the Internet only makes sense when we listen to what you want to say.  Because it is your platform.

We don’t believe in genres.  Because we like comedy, science fiction, drama, documentaries, virtual reality, thrillers, action and any cross-genre. Because we all do a bit of everything and we all view regardless of boundaries.

We believe in keeping it real. Because the Internet is a culture of authenticity.  Because we can’t relate to it if we don’t believe it.  Because there are already too many imitators on the telly.

We believe in talent. Because we know there are genius creators out there who haven’t been discovered (yet). Because we want to showcase new talent.  Because we want to work with the best.

We believe in entertainment. Because we love having fun. Because although the media may change, we will continue to enjoy well-produced products. Because we want to have a good time.

We believe in effort. Because we are guerrillas.  Because together we can come up with better projects.

We believe in risk-taking.  Because the time to be conventional is over.  Because the new shocks and opens doors.  Because we want to see now what we will be viewing in ten years’ time.