Minoria Absoluta produced the documentary Cop al Banc Central, directed by Neus Sala. It tells the story of the events of the weekend of 23 and 24 May 1981 when an armed gang raided the headquarters of the Central Bank in Plaça Catalunya in Barcelona and took 263 people hostage.  Using the voices of the people involved, especially the testimony of the leader of the gang, Juan José Martínez, alias El Rubio, the documentary looks into the events surrounding the raid, which turned the bank into the political and military focal point of Spain for two days.  Politicians, policemen, journalists and hostages relate, for the first time, their experience of those days, and how they unwittingly became central figures in the biggest bank raid in the history of democratic Spain.

The documentary includes accounts from, amongst others, Jordi Pujol, the then president of the Generalitat; Narcís Serra, the then mayor of Barcelona; General Aramburu Topete, director general of the Guardia Civil in 1981; and Enrique Esteban, the head of the GEOs, an elite police special operations group. Cop al Banc Central was broadcast by TV3 and TVE.