Astronautes, Houston tenim un cadàver! is an original stage comedy, written by Rafel Barceló and Jordi López Casanovas, from the Minoria Absoluta team who have worked in programes such as Polònia and Crackòvia, both emblematic shows at TV3.

The first three astronautes on the moon, Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin are about to arrive to the NASA headquarters at Houston, prepared to spend the quarantine, but surprisingly they are not alone alone. Inside the ship there is a burned out body … This is the start of Astronautes.

The main characters are played by actors Queco Novell (Neil Armstrong), David Olivares (Michael Collins), Mireia Portas (special agent NASA, etc.) and Xavier Serrano (Buzz Aldrin), who usually appear in Polònia and Crackòvia and have also been part in other two previous theatrical produccions of Minoria Absoluta: La Família Irreal and Polònia, the musical, but this time political parodies ad imitations will be left aside. Xavier Ricart will be the director of the show.