Astrakan is a humour and satire book series launched by Minoria Absoluta and the Columna publishing house. The name Astrakan was chosen for two reasons: it references Eastern Europe – continuing in the footsteps of Polònia and Crackòvia – and echoes the Catalan word for farce – astracanada.

The series aims to return to unhurried, quiet humour by offering a combination of previously unpublished works and international best sellers, as well as reprinting classics and non-novel formats.

Astrakan’s first title is Ha tornat (Look Who’s Back), a satirical novel by Timur Vermes which has caused a stir in Germany. It imagines Hitler’s hypothetical return to the Europe of 2013 and demystifies his evil personality.

The second title to be published is Tria la teva crisi (Choose Your Own Crisis) by Júlia Cot and Jordi López Casanovas. A new take on the line of classic children’s gamebooks Choose Your Own Adventure, it uses humour to portray a lost generation finding its way in extraordinary times.