Buscando a Agirre (Looking for Agirre) is a documentary directed by Francesc Escribano forming part of the EiTB audiovisual project looking back at the figure and values of Jose Antonio Agirre, the first president (lehendakari) of the Basque government 80 years ago.

The cornerstone to the documentary is the presence of the actor Daniel Grao who, after receiving the offer to play lehendakari Agirre, sets off on a search for the character. The documentary accompanies Grao on his journey exploring the personal and sentimental geography of the lehendakari with the objective of composing a human portrait of the historic Basque leader and being able to play him.

This is the starting point of the film, an innovative set up that reinvents documental biography and introduces elements of fiction.

Grao is joined by various experts who have made detailed studies of Agirre, as well as people who knew him. Parallel to this journey, the actor plays the character to depict key points of his life, based on actual speeches and writings by the lehendakari.

Buscando a Agirre is a Minoria Absoluta and New Digital Media Euskadi coproduction.