14 d’Abril, Macià contra Companys is a Minoria Absoluta production for TV3. It is a television drama filmed as a documentary made in 1932 but using techniques, style and resources from 2011.  Thanks to this device the main figures from one of the key episodes of Catalan twentieth-century history comment on events in first person, while a fly-on-the-wall camera helps us to relive the events that took place in Barcelona between 14 and 17 April 1931, the three days the Catalan Republic lasted. The film shows how Companys’ inspired yet short-lived grand gesture, redirected along independentist lines by Macià, led to raucous confrontation between the two great names of our contemporary history.  It was a bold move which helped bring about the downfall of the King and made Catalan self-government a reality for the first time since 1714.

14 d’Abril: Macià contra Companys was shown at the San Sebastián Festival in the Zabaltegi-Especiales section. It won the Gaudí Prize for best TV film. It was also shown at the Made in Catalonia Film Festival in Melbourne.