Ciutadà Novell

Ciutadà novell (Citizen Novell) is a ten-part documentary series on Betevé which shows the inner workings of the public services, emblematic sites and representative organisations of the city of Barcelona.  Queco Novell visits various places in the city to find out how they work and who makes them work.  Citizen Novell talks to the workers and stars of the show as they go about their daily routines, revealing the human side to the city’s well-known institutions.

Queco Novell tours such emblematic and necessary places as, amongst others: Barcelona Zoo, Vall d’Hebron hospital, Mercabarna, Montjuic cemetery, the city’s transport system, and the Liceu Opera House.

Ciutadà novell is produced by Minoria Absoluta for Betevé.

Ciudades de noche

Ciudades de noche (Cities at Night) is a documentary series produced by Minoria Absoluta for the Viajar channel. Cities change when the sun goes down. Street lights transform the streets and show us another side to the metropolis. Monuments, squares, hidden corners, people… Everything takes on a new life, vibrant and different.

Through the eyes of celebrities who have a special connection with their cities and with the help of people who live the night in an unusual way, Ciudades de Noche reveals the nocturnal side to the major Spanish cities. From their most famous sights to their hidden corners, Ciudades de noche is a new way to see and live the cities of Spain.

Està Passant

Està passant is a satirical news programme focussing on key current events. It goes out every day for 45 minutes in the slot before Telenotícies Vespre.

The programme, presented by Toni Soler, deals with the main news items of the day, in a season that promises to be intense, paying special attention to political news while keeping an eye on traditional and social media. All without losing any of the satirical bite associated with past Minoria Absoluta productions.

Soler is joined on the set by Òscar Andreu and Jair Domínguez, two of the boldest voices in Catalan humour. Also appearing is Elisenda Carod, our roving reporter on the scene.

La Guerra Civil en color: La mirada de los historiadores

The Civil War in Colour, The View of the Historians is a documentary series of three, 44-minute episodes where 18 world-renowned historians discuss the Spanish Civil War, taking the colourised footage from the series Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour as their starting point.

The View of the Historians takes a detailed look at, amongst other things, the origin and the causes of the outbreak of the war, the differences between the two armies, the divisions in the republican side and the unity of the insurrectionists, the role of the Church, the behind-the-lines atrocities, the hunger and shortages, the significance of events at El Alcázar, Guernica and Paracuellos, the events of May 1937, the massacre at Badajoz and the personalities of Franco, Azaña, Negrín and Durruti.

The result is a variety of viewpoints which will enrich enjoyment of the series Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour.

Over the 3 episodes expert opinion will be provided by respected authorities on the subject such as: Antony Beevor, Julián Casanova, Santos Juliá, Ángel Viñas, Josep Fontana, Ángel Bahamonte, Enrique Moradiellos, Juan Pablo Fusi, Enrique Ucelay Da Cal, José Luis Ledesma, Fernando G. De Cortázar, Nigel Towson, Fernando Puell, Michael Alpert, Mercedes Cabrera, Hilari Raguer, Jesús de Andrés, and Mary Nash.


Crackòvia is a humour programme on Televisió de Catalunya, directed and presented by Joan Rufas, centring on the world of sport, mainly football with special emphasis on Barça, Real Madrid and Espanyol. Sporting events of the previous weekend are parodied every Monday evening. The 9th season of Crackòvia is currently being broadcast on TV-Televisió de Catalunya.


Polònia is a comedy programme based on current affairs. Each week it takes a look at what is happening in the news with a series of sketches centred on politicians, journalists and media personalities. Polònia was first broadcast by TV3 on 16 February 2006. It has won several awards including the 2007 Ondas Prize for best programme on local TV, the 2011 ATV award for best make-up, and the 2012 Zapping award for best entertainment programme.  It is currently in its 13th season.

Zomedy Night

Zomedy Night is a Minoria Absoluta production exclusively for FOX International Channels (FIC) which brings together top comedians in two programmes of standup routines based on everything zombie.

Berto Romero, Goyo Jiménez, Yolanda Ramos and Agustín Jiménez are tasked with performing the standup routines for Zomedy Night, with three of them going the whole hog and being made up as zombies.  The two programmes also include fun interludes such as The Ranking Dead, which replays some of the best parts of the TV series, and special interviews with well-known zombie fans such as José Corbacho and Sílvia Abril.

Crackovia América

Just like the original format, Crackovia América is based on sketches impersonating top Latin-American football stars.  As well as Messi, Luis Suárez and Alexis Sánchez, already familiar to Catalan viewers, there are also impersonations of team managers “Piojo” Herrera and José Pekerman, as well as players such as Rafa Márquez, Chicharito, Kun Agüero, David Luiz and Di Maria.

Crackovia América is a joint Minoria Absoluta and Imagina US production for Canal Fox and is broadcast in all the Spanish-speaking Latin-American countries and the USA.

The World’s Best Chefs

The World’s Best Chefs is a television series about influential chefs from around the world, all trailblazers of creative and avant-garde cuisine. The World’s Best Chefs travels the world to meet some of the most respected and renowned chefs of recent times and reveals their culinary philosophy, working methods and influences.

Thirteen chefs open their kitchens to Katie Button, a young North-American chef who trained at Ferran Adrià’s elBulli restaurant.  Katie shares with viewers the privilege of meeting these cookery geniuses face to face and having the opportunity of collaborating with them in the preparation of some of their creations.

Joan Roca, Andoni Aduriz, Michel Bras, Gastón Acurio, Massimo Bottura, Grant Achatz, Alex Atala, Michel Guérard, Daniel Humm, José Andrés and Juan Mari Arzak are the stars of the series, along with Ferran Adrià, who has a whole episode devoted to him.

Hotel 13 Estrellas 12 Uvas

31 December 2012, in an unknown hotel in Madrid, there is only one hour left until the end of the year and everything must be ready for the Televisión Española New Year’s Eve celebrations. Hotel de las 13 estrellas, 12 uvas shows the final preparations for the count-down to the new year.

This is the storyline running through the New Year’s comedy special broadcast by TVE La 1 to see out the year.  For an hour quick-fire sketches based on 2012’s current affairs, main events, crazes, personalities and gossip are reeled off.

Josema Yuste, with his multiple impersonations, is the star of the show, together with special appearances from Santiago Segura, Carlos Latre, Joaquín Cortés and Martina Klein.

Señoras Que

Señoras que (Ladies Who…) is based on humorous facebook groups in Spanish such as Ladies who put plastic bags on their heads when it rains, Ladies who dance the pasodoble together at village fiestas, or Ladies who ask Are you still hungry? Shall I fry you an egg?

The sketches star Josema Yuste, Carlos Latre, David Fernández and Jordi Rios, who play the ladies who utter these well-worn phrases.  Also appearing in the programme are actors such as Carlos Chamarro, Agustín Jímenez, Yolanda Ramos and Mireia Portas.

Every week the cast of actors recreate the entertaining world of the ladies and their bizarre behaviour.

La Escobilla Nacional

Àngel Llàcer presents a parody of celebrity programmes and the world of gossip magazines, drawing from a wide range of assorted fame-seekers. La escobilla nacional is set in a studio where the presenter interacts with his guests; actors impersonating the big names of tabloids and gossip mags, interspersed with recorded sketches.