Una vez al año

Opening on 16 March at the Teatro Marquina is Bernard Slade’s most successful play Una vez al año (Same Time, Next Year), starring David Janer and Silvia Marty, and directed and adapted by Héctor Claramunt.

Una vez al año is opening in Madrid after a successful run at the Teatro Poliorama in Barcelona. The original version Same Time, Next Year ran for over 1,400 performances on Broadway and won the Drama Desk Award, one of the most prestigious theatre prizes in the world.
The comedy met with international recognition in the 1978 film version with Alan Alda and Ellen Burstyn, winning a Golden Globe and various Oscar nominations.
It is a romantic comedy that has been staged around the world and looks at how love fares over the passing of time.

Tickets on sale now at teatrosgrupomarquina.esentradas.com and the theatre box office.

Un cop l’any

Àngel Llàcer returns to directing with Un cop l’any, a romantic comedy starring Mar Ulldemolins and David Verdaguer which opens at the Teatre Poliorama in Barcelona in November 2017.

Un cop l’any is an adaptation of Same Time, Next Year, an original stage play by Bernard Slade which met with success on Broadway in the 1970s and world-wide acclaim thanks to the film of the same name starring Ellen Burstyn and Alan Alda.

In 1975, after spending a night together in a hotel, two lovers decide to continue their affair in secret by meeting once a year on the same day, in the same hotel room, while they carry on the rest of their lives with their own partners and children.  Over the following 25 years they will have to deal with the changes taking place in their respective homes, while at the same time also adapt to the social and historical events affecting their lives.

Un cop l’any is a Minoria Absoluta and Cow Theatre production.

Magical History Club

The great physicist Stephen Hawking, famous amongst other things for his theories on time travel, has managed to open a worm hole onto the fourth dimension allowing travel to the past.  Hawking uses the hole to travel through time and bring back various well-known people from the past who he believes can shed light on human history. Minoria Absoluta has got wind of Hawking’s experiment and has signed up some of his historical figures for a stand-up show called The Magical History Club. This unusual cast of stand-ups, who have spent some time amongst us, reflect humouristically on our present. Every night Hitler (Alain Hernández), Freud (Queco Novell), Cleopatra (Mireia Portas), Mary Magdalen (Betsy Túrnez) and Gandhi (Lluís Villanueva) appear in the Coliseum theatre with their routines.  With the special participation of Berto Romero as Stephen Hawking.

La Familia Irreal

The stage show La familia irreal, el musical opened in November 2012 at the Teatro Victoria in Barcelona and ran until January 2014. Coproduced by Minoria Absoluta and Dagoll Dagom, La familia irreal, el musical relates the misadventures of the Spanish royal family after being dethroned, and how they cope with the day-to-day routine of a normal, every-day family, all served with a dose of humour and smattering of musical numbers. La familia irreal, el musical finished its run in January 2014 after more than 300 performances attended by 200,000 viewers.

Hazte Banquero

Minoria Absoluta has coproduced with Conserva the stage play Hazte banquero. Tarjetas Black: todo lo que quisieron ocultarte contado con sus  propias palabras, created by Xnet and 15MpaRato.

This work of “data theatre” is sited somewhere between documentary theatre, realist drama and comedy, and tells the story of an important period of Spanish contemporary history.

Directed by Simona Levi and starring Josep Julien, Albert Pérez, Elies Barberà and Agnès Mateus, the play is based on journalistic texts and documents included in a lawsuit brought by 15MpaRato. It runs through the events that explain how what is known as the “crisis” was brought about, highlighting the details “they did not want to tell us”.

Hazte banquero. Tarjetas Black: todo lo que quisieron ocultarte contado con sus propias palabras opened in Barcelona in July 2016 at the Poliorama theatre as part of the 2016 Grec Festival.

Adaption by Simona Levi and Sergio Salgado of texts produced by the Xnet project’s journalistic information and legal advice group.

Astronautes, Houston tenim un cadàver!

Astronautes, Houston tenim un cadàver! is an original stage comedy, written by Rafel Barceló and Jordi López Casanovas, from the Minoria Absoluta team who have worked in programes such as Polònia and Crackòvia, both emblematic shows at TV3.

The first three astronautes on the moon, Armstrong, Collins and Aldrin are about to arrive to the NASA headquarters at Houston, prepared to spend the quarantine, but surprisingly they are not alone alone. Inside the ship there is a burned out body … This is the start of Astronautes.

The main characters are played by actors Queco Novell (Neil Armstrong), David Olivares (Michael Collins), Mireia Portas (special agent NASA, etc.) and Xavier Serrano (Buzz Aldrin), who usually appear in Polònia and Crackòvia and have also been part in other two previous theatrical produccions of Minoria Absoluta: La Família Irreal and Polònia, the musical, but this time political parodies ad imitations will be left aside. Xavier Ricart will be the director of the show.


Polònia El Musical

The stage show Polònia, el musical was directed by Xavier Ricart and starred Bruno Oro, Queco Novell, Ivan Labanda, Mireia Portas, Xavi Serrano, Agnès Busquets, David Olivares and Anna Bertran, all familiar faces from the Polònia programme on TV3.

The story takes place during the decisive moment when Artur Mas and the pro-referendum politicians try to agree on the political future of Catalonia.  The summit meeting they have in a hotel is fraught with difficulties. Rajoy and Esperanza Aguirre will stop at nothing to foil their plans.

The play was written by the playwright Jordi Galceràn together with scriptwriters from Polònia, Jaume Buixó, Julia Cot, Pau Escribano and Toni Soler.

Polónia, el musical opened in November 2014 at the Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona and ran until May 2015.