The IDEAL (Immersive, Digital, Exhibition, Arts, Lab) Centre for Digital Arts is the place where the future of museums and the future of cinemas meet.  It is a centre for digital culture which experiments with immersivity using audiovisual projections, augmented reality and holography to create a new dynamic between art and society.

It breathes new life into an old movie theatre from 1917, converted into a television studio in 1984, which was the cultural heart of the Poblenou district of Barcelona for decades.  2,000 m2 dedicated to the creation, training in and diffusion of digital culture – a meeting point between art, technology and science.



Opens: October 2019.


Layers of Reality

Layers of Reality is a venture by Minoria Absoluta, Digalix and Magma Cultura centred on virtual reality.  It is a project that combines technology, content and user experience.  It is an all-inclusive solution consisting of audiovisual production, interactive programming development and technical service teams.

Layers of Reality features a specially designed GATE VR device to ensure interactive audiovisual content is enjoyed at the highest quality available on the market, while fitting perfectly into any space.

En Minoria

Minoria Absoluta kicks off its latest project; the website EN MINORIA (, a new channel of communication. A space for generating internet-specific content.  The way in which people access audiovisual products is changing; the consumption of videos via social media has become the norm when searching for entertainment.

Minoria Absoluta is backing audiovisual production designed, written and produced to be viewed solely and exclusively on social media.

EN MINORIA is a platform for new creatives to showcase their projects, everything and anything to do with the world of entertainment.

We believe in the Internet. Because the Internet is TV, cinema and theatre.  Because there’s room for everything and everyone. Because everyone can see us and everyone can come up with something new.

We believe in bat-shit crazy. Because normality is boring.  Because great ideas from little absurdities grow.  Because we want to see what you are capable of.

We believe in people.  Because we are a community of enthusiastic creatives.  Because the Internet only makes sense when we listen to what you want to say.  Because it is your platform.

We don’t believe in genres.  Because we like comedy, science fiction, drama, documentaries, virtual reality, thrillers, action and any cross-genre. Because we all do a bit of everything and we all view regardless of boundaries.

We believe in keeping it real. Because the Internet is a culture of authenticity.  Because we can’t relate to it if we don’t believe it.  Because there are already too many imitators on the telly.

We believe in talent. Because we know there are genius creators out there who haven’t been discovered (yet). Because we want to showcase new talent.  Because we want to work with the best.

We believe in entertainment. Because we love having fun. Because although the media may change, we will continue to enjoy well-produced products. Because we want to have a good time.

We believe in effort. Because we are guerrillas.  Because together we can come up with better projects.

We believe in risk-taking.  Because the time to be conventional is over.  Because the new shocks and opens doors.  Because we want to see now what we will be viewing in ten years’ time.

Women Voices Within

Postproduction provided for the documentary Women’s Voices Within, directed by Mariane Pearl and produced by Jo Weir.

Women’s Voices Within shows the precarious situation of the Yazidi people from northern Iraq, in particular the women who, at the end of the war expected to recover their civil liberties but instead saw the Islamic State take over their land and were forced to move.

Thanks to the work of the Chime For Change organisation led by the journalist Mariane Pearl, some of these women have been able to regain their confidence and continue their struggle.

Beyond Magic with DMC

The mind believes what the eye sees.

Follow the master illusionist Drummond Money-Coutts (DMC) challenging the natural order of things with live magic tricks that leave no-one unmoved.

Considered one of the best magicians of his generation, DMC follows in the footsteps of maestros such as Houdini, Karl Zener and Uri Geller.

Grossa Cap d’Any

Minoria Absoluta wrote the script for the Grossa de Cap d’any special lottery draw held on 31 December 2014 at the National Theatre of Catalonia (TNC). The gala was presented by Helena Garcia Merero and Marc Giró, with the participation of Marc Giró from Polònia (played by David Marcé). The lottery draw was broadcast live by TV3 Televisió de Catalunya.

Ferran Adrià i la fàbrica de menjar solidari

Ferran Adrià i la fàbrica de menja solidari is a charitable gastronomic spectacle that aims to raise funds for the Casal dels Infants.  Endorsed by Ferran Adrià, Minoria Absoluta collaborates in coming up with ideas, running and producing the event.  Over the years the event has seen the collaboration of various prestigious chefs including: Ferran Adrià, Joan Roca, Carme Ruscalleda, Carles Gaig, Mey Hofmann, Nando Jubany, Albert Adrià and Christian Escribà.

Born Humor

Born Humour is the comedy division of the Born Cultural Centre. Minoria Absoluta is in charge of running all the activities within the remit of BornHumor. The first of these activities is the Humor en temps difícils (Humour in Difficult Times) conference cycle.  Its aim is to consider the importance of humour in situations of conflict. Humour is a valuable weapon in the struggle against adversity.  The four conferences given in this first BornHumour cycle featured: a Syrian theatre group Ahmed and Mohamed Malas (Malas Twins), the cartoonist Forges, Sergio Marras and Guillo from the Chilean magazine APSI, and Javier García Vicuña, director of the Vaya Semanita programme.


Minoria Absoluta produced four micro-documentaries for National Geographic, each 90 seconds long, on Volkswagen’s new electric and hybrid vehicles.  The eUp, the eGolf, and the Golf GTE are the German company’s response to the urgent need for a cleaner and quieter future.