Premiere of Megaestructuras: La Sagrada Familia

On Monday 29 October, the international channel National Geographic will premiere the documentary from the series Megaestructuras featuring the construction of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.  The documentary shows how a stone cathedral is built in the twenty-first century in the middle of an urban environment like Barcelona, with the added difficulty of the presence of thousands of visitors everyday who have come to admire Antoni Gaudí’s posthumous work.

Megaestructuras: Sagrada Familia reveals the methodology which speeded up the rate of construction, which is now embarking on the erection of the building’s six towers, one of which – the Tower of Jesus – will make it the tallest church in the world.

The production, by National Geographic in collaboration with Minoria Absoluta, will be premiered around the world on the National Geographic international network in 172 countries and 43 languages. This episode can be seen in countries such as France, Germany, Greece, Japan, Italy, Holland, Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, and Ireland, amongst others