First chance to experience Layers of Reality at the exhibition Places & Spaces

The Roca Barcelona Gallery is hosting the photography exhibition Places & Spaces. Tranversal Architectures, curated by the instagrammer Nicanor García.

García, an architect and photographer, presents a reflection on architecture with a visual tour of different places and their relationship with space.

Included in the exhibition is the presentation of the first virtual experience provided by Layers of reality.

Layers of Reality is a development by Minoria Absoluta, Digalix and Magna Cultura which explores virtual reality.  GATE VR is a new product produced by a team with experience in content, culture and technology. It is a device which incorporates everything you need to enjoy immersive virtual reality in comfort, intended mainly for museums, institutions, events and large-scale installations.

Layers of Reailty has installed the first prototype of their chair at the exhibition and visitors to the Roca Barcelona Gallery can enjoy a selection of photographic material by Nicanor García in 360º vision.

The exhibition is on until 24 May.