In the nineties of the last century, Toni Soler, Queco Novell and Manel Lucas were journalists of political information, always prone to joke. Then Soler switched to television comedy (Malalts tele, 1997-2000) and when RAC1 was, he recruited his former colleagues for a program of political humor, which he named Minoria Absoluta. In 2002, it became a daily program and achieved remarkable success, wining the following awards: Premio Ondas, Premi Ciutat de Barcelona (Barcelona City Award) and Premi Nacional de Comunicació (National Communication Award).

Joan Rufas, Jordi Ventura and Anna Pujol were already on the team, as well as actors and actresses like Bruno Oro, Cesc Casanovas, Silvia Abril, Pau Miró, Mireia Portas and Agnès Busquets. The program made the leap to television at City TV (current 8tv), at Las Cerezas with Júlia Otero (TVE) and finally Mire Usté (Antena3), Polònia’s predecessor which debuted on TV3 in 2006. After 7 seasons the program stopped broadcasting in 2009, and its producer CanCuca, responsible for Polònia and Crackòvia, was renamed as Minoria Absoluta, the name with which it all started for us.