DMAX is giving the first screening to DIVIDED SPAIN: THE CIVIL WAR IN COLOUR, an ambitious documentary production portraying a crucial episode in our country’s history as never seen before.  Thanks to the cutting-edge colourisation of footage that survived both the war and the ravages of time, this three-episode series offers a new and different perspective on the conflict in all-colour film.

2016 is the year of the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the war which devastated and divided the country.

On Thursday 17 November at 10.30 pm the first of the series’ three 60-minute episodes will be screened. It is the first Spanish-produced documentary in colour to narrate the dramatic events that took place in Spain between 1936 and 1939.  Using footage from the Spanish Civil War collection preserved in the Filmoteca Española national archive, as well as material from other archives in Spain and around the world, the series shows the events that took place, the people who took part and the places that suffered the ravages of war.  Following in the footsteps of other ambitious European productions, this series deals with the events from an impartial and informative perspective and, for the first time, completely in colour.


“When Discovery Networks and VEO TV were considering the project, we jumped at the chance because it was a fantastic opportunity to approach a period of history that is crucial to the history of Spain in a unique and different way.” “People like us who are used to seeing it in black and white accept it. But younger people want to see the Civil War as it was. And the key is being able to see it in colour”,

Francesc Escribano

Director of Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour


To ensure historical accuracy, the project has been supervised by the British historian Antony Beevor, a world expert in military history and one of the most influential international historians of the Spanish Civil War.


After each of the three episodes DMAX will broadcast The Civil War in Colour, The View of the Historians, a documentary series of three, 60-minute episodes with 18 world-renowned historians discussing the Spanish Civil War,  taking the series Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour as their starting point.

The result is a variety of viewpoints which will enrich enjoyment of Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour.