Crackòvia notches up 100 million views on YouTube

The Crackòvia YouTube channel, which is about to rack up 300,000 subscribers, has crossed the 100 million views mark. As well as winning a sizable audience for its Monday evening television broadcast on TV3, Crackòvia is notching up huge figures on social media, making it an internet phenomenon.  Its massive following is spread around the world: of its 100 million views, 57 million were in Spain, followed by 10 million in Mexico, 8 million in Argentina, and 5 million in Colombia, with Peru and Chile weighing in at 3 million apiece.  At an international level, Crackòvia draws most of its followers from Latin America.

Bizarrely, the most viewed clip on YouTube is the one of Messi missing a penalty, although musical numbers are by far the most followed on the internet.  The latest hit is Súbeme la radio which, in under 2 weeks, has clocked up 1.2 million views.  La bicicleta, sung by Luis Enrique (Ivan Labanda) and which is about the number of step overs (known as “bicycles” in Spanish) Neymar performs on the pitch, is the most watched musical number with 2.9 million views.