The quarterly magazine El Món d’Ahir has won the prestigious Laus de Oro for best periodical publication, awarded by the ADG-FAD-Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers.

The magazine was also awarded the Silver Laus for best cover. Run Design studio was commissioned by Minoria Absoluta to create and implement the design of the magazine.

The aim of the graphics was to generate a visual discourse parallel with the written word. This may be at times complimentary but also confrontational, producing debate or contradiction.

We were aiming for a simple and honest publication, but also a magazine with something which made it more of an object; the colouring in the margins turns it into a block of colour, as if it were a sealed box tempting the public.

(Run Design)

Every year the ADG Laus Prizes for Grafic Design and Visual Communication go to the best work in over 50 sections divided into five categories: Graphic Design, Digital, Publicity, Audiovisual, and Students.

The winners of the prizes were announced during the Nit Laus, held in Barcelona on 8 June.



The power of silence directed by Manuel Huerga and starring Joan Pera, Nao Albet and Carme Sansa, has been awarded the Monaco Red Cross Prize at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.

The TV movie The power of silence was awarded the Monaco Red Cross Prize for exemplifying the fundamental principles of the Red Cross. The production has also been nominated for the Golden Nymph Awards for best feature-length fictional film and Joan Pera has been nominated for best actor at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival taking place from June 15 to June 19.

The powe of silence was coproduced by TV3, Minoria Absoluta and Euskal Telebista in collaboration with the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Région Occitanie and Slot Machine.


The prestigious Monte-Carlo Television Festival has nominated the TV movie The power of silence for best fiction feature film and Joan Pera, who plays the world-renowned musician Pau Casals, for best actor in the 2018 Golden Nymph Awards.

The film, directed by Manuel Huerga and starring Joan Pera in the role of Pau Casals, also features Nao Albet, Carme Sansa and Marc Cartes.  It was coproduced by TV3, Minoria Absoluta and Euskal Telebista in collaboration with the Departamento de Cultura de la Generalitat de Cataluña, the Centre National du Cinéma et de l’Image Animée, the Région Occitanie and Slot Machine. 

La fuerza de un silencio is a work of fiction based on real events portraying a specific period in the life of Pau Casals during his exile in Prada de Conflent. It tells how the Maestro, using music, made a stand against Franco’s dictatorship.

The winners of the 2018 Golden Nymph Awards will be announced at the gala to be held on 19 June in Monte-Carlo.



El Món d’Ahir is getting ready to celebrate.

Our publication has been nominated for the ADG Laus Graphic Design and Visual Communication Awards for best graphic design for a periodical publication and best graphic design for the cover of a book or magazine. 

The winners of the Bronze, Silver and Golden Laus will be announced during the Noche Laus being held in Barcelona on 8 June.

The ADG Laus Design Awards are given by ADG-FAD (Association of Art Directors and Graphic Designers), and are amongst the most prestigious design and graphic arts prizes in the world and have been running for over 50 years.

Every year the ADG Laus Prizes go to the best work in over 50 sections divided into five categories: Graphic Design, Digital, Publicity, Audiovisual, and Students.
The Laus Awards foster design, promote its cultural and economic importance in society and support the professional sector.

First chance to experience Layers of Reality at the exhibition Places & Spaces

The Roca Barcelona Gallery is hosting the photography exhibition Places & Spaces. Tranversal Architectures, curated by the instagrammer Nicanor García.

García, an architect and photographer, presents a reflection on architecture with a visual tour of different places and their relationship with space.

Included in the exhibition is the presentation of the first virtual experience provided by Layers of reality.

Layers of Reality is a development by Minoria Absoluta, Digalix and Magna Cultura which explores virtual reality.  GATE VR is a new product produced by a team with experience in content, culture and technology. It is a device which incorporates everything you need to enjoy immersive virtual reality in comfort, intended mainly for museums, institutions, events and large-scale installations.

Layers of Reailty has installed the first prototype of their chair at the exhibition and visitors to the Roca Barcelona Gallery can enjoy a selection of photographic material by Nicanor García in 360º vision.

The exhibition is on until 24 May.


Patria(s) at the FIPA Festival

The documentary Patria(s) Catalunya, manual de instrucciones (Patria(s) Catalonia, an Instruction Manual) has been entered for the Audience Award at the FIPA (Festival de la Création Audiovisuelle Internationale). The festival is taking place in Biarritz from 23 to 28 January. The film will be screened on 24 and 26 January.

The documentary, produced by ETB, Betevé and Minoria Absoluta, follows the journalist and actor Queco Novell on a tour of different locations where he talks with various people from the world of politics and journalism to try and find out what happened in autumn 2017 in Catalonia.

España dividida, la guerra civil en color to be viewed in 160 countries

The documentary series España dividida, la Guerra Civil en color is going out to the world and will eventually be broadcast in 160 countries. So far the series has been watched in 50 countries, a figure which will soon rise to well beyond one hundred.  All of them are members of Discovery Networks CEEMEA (Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East). To this list has been added the African continent, and from 27 November the series will be available in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenia, Mauritania and Senegal, to name but a few.

España dividida, la Guerra Civil en color is a documentary series of three 45-minute episodes using, for the first time in our country, original material from the Spanish Film Archive (Filmoteca Española) which has been restored and coloured.



The Civil War in Colour around the world

DMAX has broadcast the documentary series produced by Minoria Absoluta The Civil War in Colour in more than 50 countries in Europe, America and Asia. It has broadcast the documentary series Divided Spain, The Civil War in Colour and the feature-length version Spain in Two Trenches, The Civil War in Colour. Broadcast was scheduled for July 2017 in countries as diverse as Argentina, the Bahamas, Brazil, Guatemala, Portugal, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Venezuela and the United Kingdom, to mention but a few.

Divided Spain, The Civil War in Colour is a documentary series of three 45-minute episodes which makes use of, for the first time in Spain, original footage from the Civil War collection at the Filmoteca Española. A feature film called Spain in Two Trenches, The Civil War in Colour, was made from material produced for the documentary series Divided Spain, The Civil War in Colour.

Produced by DMAX channel in collaboration with VEO TV and the Filmoteca Española, the series is a unique opportunity for watching and getting an understanding of the events in Spain during one of the darkest periods of its contemporary history, and for the first ever time in colour.


Crackòvia notches up 100 million views on YouTube

The Crackòvia YouTube channel, which is about to rack up 300,000 subscribers, has crossed the 100 million views mark. As well as winning a sizable audience for its Monday evening television broadcast on TV3, Crackòvia is notching up huge figures on social media, making it an internet phenomenon.  Its massive following is spread around the world: of its 100 million views, 57 million were in Spain, followed by 10 million in Mexico, 8 million in Argentina, and 5 million in Colombia, with Peru and Chile weighing in at 3 million apiece.  At an international level, Crackòvia draws most of its followers from Latin America.

Bizarrely, the most viewed clip on YouTube is the one of Messi missing a penalty, although musical numbers are by far the most followed on the internet.  The latest hit is Súbeme la radio which, in under 2 weeks, has clocked up 1.2 million views.  La bicicleta, sung by Luis Enrique (Ivan Labanda) and which is about the number of step overs (known as “bicycles” in Spanish) Neymar performs on the pitch, is the most watched musical number with 2.9 million views.

Cervantes contra Lope at Festival des Créations Télévisuelles in Luchon

The TV movie Cervantes contra Lope, a Minoria Absoluta and Onza Entertainment production for TVE, is an entry in the Spanish section of the Festival des Créations Télévisuelles de Luchon being held in Bagnères-de-Luchon from 1 to 5 February 2017. 

Cervantes contra Lope is a TV movie portraying the confrontation at the beginning of the 17th century between two famous names from European literature, Miguel de Cervantes (Emilio Gutiérrez Caba) and Félix Lope de Vega (Jose Coronado). The subject is treated as a documentary. A TV crew from the 21st century is sent to Madrid in 1614 to interview Cervantes, Lope and others from their circle.  The Quijote de Avellaneda has just been published and a full-scale quarrel has broken out between the two literary geniuses. The documentary looks at the intrigue surrounding the identity of Avellaneda, while showing Cervantes and Lope as two brilliant individuals plagued with self-doubt and feelings of failure.

While he is attending the Luchon festival, Francesc Escribano, General Manager of Minoria Absoluta and executive producer of this TV movie, will take the opportunity to introduce a new production: Pau. A tv movie produced jointly with Slot Machine, Pau tells the story of the musician Pau Casals during his life in exile in the French town of Prades. Clips from the film, to be broadcast by TV3, will be shown at the festival.


DMAX is giving the first screening to DIVIDED SPAIN: THE CIVIL WAR IN COLOUR, an ambitious documentary production portraying a crucial episode in our country’s history as never seen before.  Thanks to the cutting-edge colourisation of footage that survived both the war and the ravages of time, this three-episode series offers a new and different perspective on the conflict in all-colour film.

2016 is the year of the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the war which devastated and divided the country.

On Thursday 17 November at 10.30 pm the first of the series’ three 60-minute episodes will be screened. It is the first Spanish-produced documentary in colour to narrate the dramatic events that took place in Spain between 1936 and 1939.  Using footage from the Spanish Civil War collection preserved in the Filmoteca Española national archive, as well as material from other archives in Spain and around the world, the series shows the events that took place, the people who took part and the places that suffered the ravages of war.  Following in the footsteps of other ambitious European productions, this series deals with the events from an impartial and informative perspective and, for the first time, completely in colour.


“When Discovery Networks and VEO TV were considering the project, we jumped at the chance because it was a fantastic opportunity to approach a period of history that is crucial to the history of Spain in a unique and different way.” “People like us who are used to seeing it in black and white accept it. But younger people want to see the Civil War as it was. And the key is being able to see it in colour”,

Francesc Escribano

Director of Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour


To ensure historical accuracy, the project has been supervised by the British historian Antony Beevor, a world expert in military history and one of the most influential international historians of the Spanish Civil War.


After each of the three episodes DMAX will broadcast The Civil War in Colour, The View of the Historians, a documentary series of three, 60-minute episodes with 18 world-renowned historians discussing the Spanish Civil War,  taking the series Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour as their starting point.

The result is a variety of viewpoints which will enrich enjoyment of Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour.

Crackòvia kicks off a new season on TV3

The 9th season of Crackòvia is here. After last season’s success with the programme reinventing itself with new characters and after over 270 episodes, the sporting satire programme returns to TV3. Crackòvia ended the 2015-2016 season with an average share of 13.2%.

This new season will see the return of our favourite characters: Barça’s Trident (Messi, Suárez and Neymar), Luis Enrique, Mascherano, Ter Stegen, Joan Altafulla, Pedrerol, los Manolos, Ángel Nieto and Nico Abad, while being ready for the latest signings for the La Liga teams and keeping up-to-date with sporting news to spot new candidates for joining the programme.