Following the success of España dividida, la Guerra Civil en color (Divided Spain: The Civil War in Colour), DMAX and Minoria Absoluta are embarking on a new project in the same vein which shows Spain during the years of the Francoist dictatorship from an unusual point of view, using the latest techniques in digital image processing and colouring. España después de la guerra:el franquismo en color (Spain after the War: Francoism in Colour) colourizes images, mainly from NO-DO news reels, to provide viewers with a fresh view of the post-war period and the dictatorship by way of digitalized and colourized film.

This documentary film, which will be screened on DMAX channel in 2019, will be a combination of strict historical rigor and the necessary pace and rhythm to create a truthful and vibrant account of almost four decades of history, all with the novelty and immediacy provided by colour images. Spain after the War: Francoism in Colour is the fruit of two years of intense production work by a twenty-five-strong team which has examined and restored more than 500 NO-DO films.  200,000 stills and 3,500 shots have been colourized.  In order to recount vital episodes which were not filmed, photographs, press cuttings and documents have been used which have been processed with the latest techniques of motion graphics.

Layers of Reality at LOOP Barcelona

Layers of Reality – a project by Minoria Absoluta, Digalix and Magma Cultura centred on immersive reality is showing at the LOOP Barcelona international video-art fair a 360° virtual reality video featuring the musician Peter Theremin, great-grandson of the creator of the instrument which bears his name, playing the piece Séptima Setena Deriva Musical. This performance is part of Archivo Nacional, a project by the Nascimento/Lovera collective from Venezuela which aims to recover fragments of history, both collective and individual, through a series of interventions in public spaces.

This piece of 360-degree video art is being shown at the Hotel Almanac from November 20 to 22 as part of the professional section of LOOP Barcelona.

La Sagrada Familia in 360º

Minoria Absoluta is making a solid commitment to virtual reality. This intention to venture further into the audiovisual world has led to the creation of Layers of Reality, a project that brings together technology, content and user experience.

Layers of Reality is a development by Minoria Absoluta, Digalix and Magma Cultura – an alliance which covers all the bases with teams of experts from the fields of audiovisual production, interactive programming development and technical services.

One of the first experiences from Layers of Reality is a video which shows, in all-round 360º vision, how the Sagrada Familia is being constructed. This immersive experience allows the viewer to discover, with complete freedom of movement, what it is like working on the construction of this emblematic church 80 meters above the ground, giving them an operative’s-eye view of the process.

This recording is part of the production of the documentary Megaestructuras: Sagrada Familia which the National Geographic channel commissioned from Minoria Absoluta, and shows the final phase of the construction of Antoni Gaudí’s most famous design. During production a 360º camera was set up to allow us to see what a day’s work is like up amongst the building’s spectacular half-built towers.

You can watch the video on the National Geographic YouTube channel HERE.