Crackòvia kicks off a new season on TV3

The 9th season of Crackòvia is here. After last season’s success with the programme reinventing itself with new characters and after over 270 episodes, the sporting satire programme returns to TV3. Crackòvia ended the 2015-2016 season with an average share of 13.2%.

This new season will see the return of our favourite characters: Barça’s Trident (Messi, Suárez and Neymar), Luis Enrique, Mascherano, Ter Stegen, Joan Altafulla, Pedrerol, los Manolos, Ángel Nieto and Nico Abad, while being ready for the latest signings for the La Liga teams and keeping up-to-date with sporting news to spot new candidates for joining the programme.

The Special Two: A humourous take on the Manchester derby

In the build-up to this season’s first Manchester derby, Minoria Absoluta presents TheSpecialTwo, a hilarious take on the duel between the two managers that has grabbed the attention of world football.

In the first sketch, featuring Guardiola (Pep Plaza) and Mourinho (Ivan Labanda) and filmed in Manchester and Barcelona, we see how the two managers are preparing for the big match on Saturday and trying to get the low-down what their arch-rival is up to.

The second sketch, written and recorded after the match has been played, shows the humorous side of the head-to-head on the turf at Old Trafford.

You can follow the adventures of The Special Two at YoutubeFacebook and twitter.

Polònia launches its 12th season on TV3

This September sees Polònia commencing a new season bursting with new and exciting challenges. This autumn is set to be a hot one, politically speaking, and Polònia will serve it up seasoned with a dose of its humour, together with such classic characters from the programme as Carles Puigdemont, Artur Mas, Mariano Rajoy, Oriol Junqueras,  Anna Gabriel, Pablo Iglesias, Pedro Sánchez and Soraya Sáenz de  Santamaría, to name but a few.

Polònia has its finger on the pulse of current political events and is continually incorporating new faces from the panorama of Catalan and Spanish politics. There will be new characters and new situations in a season that is bound to be intense.

After 11 seasons on the air and more than 400 episodes broadcast, Polònia is still in the rudest of health. The average share from last season was 18.3% with an average of 556,000 viewers.

Polònia has had the best start imaginable to its 12th season. The first episode earned a share of 20.4% and was seen by 590,000 TV viewers, peaking at 22.8%.

These figures make Polònia the leader in its time slot and TV3’s most seen programme of the day. Both these facts are important and of significance because on Thursday nights Polònia faces stiff competition from other channels.